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EZrap Carbon Heater

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EZrap Carbon Heater Belts, made of 100% carbon nano-tube yarns,
eco-friendly materials, and natural cotton, will deliver the
most natural and healthful thermal energy.

The EZrap Carbon Heater is a back brace for special hyperthermia treatment produced by mixing the harmless nano-carbon fibers with high elastic fabrics for the first time in the industry. Unlike the conventional products that produce a thermal effect on a specific region, EZrap Carbon Heater is designed to help a surgical patient with early ambulation and pain healing through a uniform and mild pressure to an entire wound and to multiply its original therapeutic effect of hyperthermia treatment by providing optimal thermal on a whole back brace.

Carbon Heater-Belt Features

     ● EZrap heating Belt is very safe and
          easy to handle.

     This product does not contain electric heating wire,
     but it is 100% made of carbon yarns; you can store
     it conveniently in any place.

     ● Detachable Controller

     This product has a detachable control; the
     controller and power cable can be separated
     from the body to provide convenient handling.
     Furthermore, even in the case of power shutdown,
     it can be replaced with a controller to be
     put in normal operation.

Various controller and easy for use

EZrap Carbon Heater Belts come in various temperature
controllers for your rational choice.
You have the option of selecting one from 3 types of
temperature controller in consideration of your
usage environment.

□ Product Specifications

Product name

EZrap Carbon Heater -Belt



• Atype : 110gr / • Btype : 30gr / • Battery pack : 450gr

Electronic Power


• Input : AC100-240V, 50/60Hz
• Output : DC24V, 4A

Electronic Power


• Atype : Input 24Vdc, 4A / Output 24Vdc, 4A
• Btype : Input 24Vdc, 4A / Output 24Vdc, 4A
• Battery pack : Input 24Vdc / Output 14~19Vdc,

Consumption of electrical power


• 80W

Consumption of electrical power

Battery pack

• Output : 70W
• Size : 5,200mAh

Operating temperature


• 0℃ ~ 40℃

Operating Time

• Automatic value set by each mode