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EZrap Carbon Heater

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EZrap Carbon Heater is, produced by a
specialty medical device manufacturer Doctor Supply,
are newly-developed, far infrared radiation-emitting,
thermal energy belts that are made of 100% carbon
nano-tube yarns, high-stretch spandex fabric, and
other natural materials.

Product Features

• Increase in deep body temperature through stimulation
     of the dermal layer using far infrared radiation.
• Generation of very comfortable and natural
     thermal energy
• 5-step heat regulation
• Powerful 5-step safety system
• 3-step timer (1Hr, 2Hr, 15Hr Continuous)
• Built-in auto overheating control (for prevention
     of low-temperature burns)
• Reduced static and no Electromagnetic waves
• Shared use of the same controller between both
     belt and mat (excellent compatibility)

     This product does not contain electric heating wire, but
     it is 100% made of carbon yarns; you can store it
     conveniently in any place.
     This product permits folding or rolling to your desired shape.
     This product can be stored conveniently in the shape and in the
     place you want when it is unused for a long period of time.

Detachable Controller

Our heating mats allow separation of temperature controller
and power cable from their main body, providing easy and convenient management.
In addition, you can replace a temperature controller for normal operation, even in the
event power is shut down due to overheating.


Efficacy of hyperthermia therapy

• Effective substitute to reduce chronic pain
     (lumbago, menstrual pain, neuralgia. etc)
• Muscular pain alleviation against chronic muscular disease
• Damaged muscle recovery through improvement of
    blood circulation
• Muscular function recovery as a preparatory
    stage prior to exercise

Verified hyperthermia effect of an anti-cancer therapy

• Promoting blood circulation by expanding the capillaries
• Generation of anti-bacterial cell
• Strengthening the body immune activity
• Helping the oxygen concentration (pH) to increases through
    vasodilation and making in-vivo tumor inhibited through
    smooth blood circulation.