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EZrap Carbon Heater

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Best solution ensuring quick recovery for affected area with
optimum elastic compression & cold therapy after surgery

A variety of EZ-rap products which Doctor Supply produces provide exceptional effects in preventing discharge, blister after various kinds of surgery and reducing pain and edema.
Particularly, products of EZ-rap prevent the rupture of a wound with intra-abdominal pressure and enable patients to resume walking earlier, having shown supreme effects in preventing post-operative lung-complications, intestinal adhesions, or abdominal hernia.
(Especially, we commend that a patient after surgery puts on a stomamch band for six months.)

Special Advantages and Features

▪ Prevents blisters around sites without tapping for dressing purpose.
▪ Significant reduction of treatment time without extra elastic bandage.
▪ Provides parallel pain treatment with cold therapy function.
▪ Capable of treating edema with compression.
▪ Saves time and cost with convenient treatment through easy wearing.
▪ No irritation to skin as it uses the finest medical fabric (Latex Free)