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Health Support Garadient Compression Stocking

“Comfortable and accurate of high functionality compression Stocking.”

To ensure a high level of compliance, Health Support hosiery products utilize the most advanced yarn technologies and are constructed on state of the knitting equipment.
Products are developed with state of the art equipment to assure proper compression levels while providing maximum comfort and therapy.
Health Support hosiery products have been developed utilizing many of the advanced features used in the CAROLON anti-embolism stockings.
All Health Support hosiery products are machine washable and dryer safe.

Feature and Indications

• Accurately controlled compression begins at the ankle and reduces in intensity up the leg
• Reduce swelling
• Improve leg
• Fashionable appearance
• Machine Washable - machine Dry
• satisfaction Guaranteed
• Latex Free-made in the U.S.A

Phased Indication

Class 1

Ankle Length Sheer Class 1 (20mmhg~30mmhg)


1. Chronic leg fatigue
2. Mild venous insufficiency
3. Swelling of the ankles
4. Varicose veins

• Knee High
• Thigh High
• Panty hose
• Cushion Foot Socks

Class 2

Ankle Length Sheer Class 2 (30mmhg~40mmhg)


1. Chonic ankle swelling
2. Prophylaxis after vein stripping
3. Reversible lymph edema
4. Swelling after cast removal
5. Discomforts associated with phlebitis
6. Moderate to svere varicosities
7. Venous ulcerations

• Knee High
• Thigh High
• Panty hose
• Cushion Foot Socks

Class 3

Ankle Length Sheer Class 3 (40mmhg~50mmhg)


1. Severe varicosities
2. Severe edema
3. Severe venous ulceration
4. Lymph edema
5. Post thrombotic syndrome, chronic venous disease
6. Chronic venous insufficiency
7. Deep vein thrombosis

• Knee High
• Thigh High

Type of Health Support

Knee High

Thigh High

Panty Hose

Cushion Foot Socks