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EZrap Carbon Heater heating mats,
made of 100% carbon nano-tube yarns,
eco-friendly materials, and natural cotton,
will present the most natural and healthful heat.

EZrap Carbon Heater heating mats are manufactured by
Doctor Supply that specializes in the development
and manufacture of medical instruments.
These safe and healthful mats are made of a composite
material that combines cutting-edge carbon nano-tube
yarn-based fleece that boasts of excellent heat-retaining
ability with natural cotton that is harmless to the human body.
Especially, our mats provide users with natural thermal
energy of far infrared radiation emitted from carbon
nano-tube yarns, which will enable them to enjoy a uniform
increase in body temperature together with a feeling of
coziness and comfort.

Carbon Heater-Mat Features

• Increase in deep body temperature through
    stimulation of the dermal layer using far infrared
• Generation of very comfortable and natural
    thermal energy
• 5-step heat regulation
• Powerful 5-step safety system
• 3-step timer (1Hr, 2Hr, 15Hr Continuous)
• Built-in auto overheating control (for prevention
    of low-temperature burns)
• Reduced static and no Eletrtomarnetic waves
• Shared use of the same controller between both
    belt and mat (excellent compatibility)

EZrap Carbon Heater heating mat is very safe and convenient.

Unlike general heating mats, our heating mat uses 100% carbon
nano-tube yarns without the use of heating wire which
enables adoption of a dual heating system.
It is equipped with a 5-step safety system which prevents
the product from getting heated above 75oC providing a
protection against low-temperature burns.

     EZrap Heater Mat is very safe and easy to handle.

     This product does not contain electric heating wire, but it is 100% made of carbon yarns;
     you can store it conveniently in any place.
     This product permits folding or rolling to your desired shape.
     This product can be stored conveniently in the shape and in the place you want when it is
     unused for a long period of time.

EZrap Carbon Heater heating mats come with different controllers.

Make a choice from 3 controller types that can best fit in with your circumstance.

     Detachable Controller

     This product has a detachable control; the controller and power cable can be
     separated from the body to provide convenient handling.
     Furthermore, even in the case of power shutdown, it can be replaced with a
     controller to be put in normal operation.

EZrap Carbon Heater heating mats are the most reasonable
ones. They will satisfy customers’ individual requirements
through a wide range of specifications.

EZrap Carbon Heater is a brainchild of our company’s long-term
research and development.
Our company aims to offer its customers an assortment of
products at the most reasonable prices and in various sizes
so that they can suit customers’ individual needs and
afford customers maximum convenience.

□ Product Specifications

Product name

EZrap Carbon Heater -Matt

Product name


• A type : 110gr. / • B type : 30gr. / • Battery pack : 450gr.

Electronic Power


• Input : AC100-240V, 50/60Hz
• Output : DC24V, 4A

Electronic Power


• A type : Input 24Vdc, 4A / Output 24Vdc, 4A
• B type : Input 24Vdc, 4A / Output 24Vdc, 4A
• Battery pack : Input 24Vdc / Output 14~19Vdc,

Consumption of electrical power


• 80W

Consumption of electrical power

Battery pack

• Output : 70W
• Size : 5,200mAh

Operating temperature


• 0℃ ~ 40℃

Operating Time

• Automatic value set by each mode